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The Traditional Ayurvedic Treatment and Home Remedies for Neck Pain

Neck Pain is a very common troubling factor for so many people around us regardless of age and gender. In most cases, it is due to poor posture, overstraining, exposure to a cold climate, or sudden jerky movements like sneezing, etc. In some other conditions like arthritis, cervical disc degeneration, etc. The pain is chronic and always associated with radiating pain, numbness, etc. In short, they are Acute and Chronic neck pain respectively. In some acute neck pains, muscular inflammation is the underlying reason and home remedies are enough to manage. But in Chronic neck pain, more specific treatment procedures along with internal medicines are necessary.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Neck Pain in Kerala is very much effective and popular with a variety of medicines and procedures. 

Home remedies for Neck Pain

In acute and non-severe cases, certain home remedies are sufficient to get rid of the neck pain. They are

  • Hot water bag application
  • Steam application(directly or by using cloth)
  • Ice pack application 
  • Mild muscle relaxation exercises
  • Yoga therapy

Getting relief through home remedies is very helpful at the same time wrong methods might worsen the condition. So, always remember to avoid following in the initial stages of neck pain,

  • Oil application (if there is swelling and warmth around the neck area)
  • Strenuous exercises

If it is not subsiding by the above-mentioned methods, it demands advice from an expert physician and treatment under his/her supervision. In Ayurveda, based on the condition of the affected person there are various medicines and procedures.

Ayurveda Treatment for Neck Pain

 The Ayurveda system always considers the inflammatory stage (amavastha) of a disease before the treatment. So, addressing that initial stage is essential here. As mentioned earlier, in the initial stages of neck pain, dry heat application with suitable medicines is more accepted. It will reduce the swelling in faster. In the initial stage, appropriate procedures are,

Dry heat therapies 

  • valuka sveda
  • Choorna pinda sveda (ruksha)
  • Choorna pinda sveda (dhanyamla)
  • Dhanyamladhara
  • Udwarthana

Poultice application

  • Jadamayadi churna with dhanyamla
  • Rasnadi churna with jambeera swarasa

In chronic Neck Pain after the removal of amavastha oil therapies is adopted, it will promote the strengthening of the muscles and rejuvenation of the affected joints.

So, the suggested therapies are

  • Jambeera pinda sveda
  • Pathrapotala sveda
  • Pizhichil
  • Greeva Pichu
  • Greeva vasthi
  • Shashtika pinda sveda
  • Vasthi
  • Nasyam

Treatment for neck pain in Ayurveda always includes Internal Medicines with anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and strengthening action. Some commonly used medicines are Maharasnadi kashaya, Dhanwantharam kashaya, Yogarajaguggulu, etc. In degenerative conditions, Guggulu thikathaka grutha, Maharajaprasaranayadi, Gandhathailam, etc. will also improve the condition

Beyond all those treatments, prevention has a definite place in neck pain. It includes

  • Correction of poor posture
  • Taking breaks in between hectic tasks increase the neck pain
  • Following stretching and strengthening exercise
  • Using thin pillow
  • yoga therapy