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Ayurvedic remedies for post COVID 19 care

The whole world has been going through a great crisis since 2019 because of the entry of the Noval Coronavirus. The world has never experienced such a pandemic for a longer duration like this. Still, the medical world is helpless to find an effective medicine and a treatment protocol.

So far, more than 224 million infections and more than 4.6 million deaths have been reported from all around the globe. The latest report shows that in Kerala TPR, (Test Positivity Rate) is 16.15% and the Fatality Rate is 0.41%. The low Fatality Rate is almost grateful to us even though the after-effects of COVID 19 have a huge impact on the health system.

The available treatments to cure COVID19 are just symptomatic protocols. No specific management is put into action yet. As prevention, vaccination, and immune-boosting medicines are offered to people. In addition to that, the Kerala government-supplied immune-booster Ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines too, and its effectiveness got worldwide acceptance.

Now the medical system is trying to taper the spread of coronavirus and at the same time, it is necessary to manage the post COVID syndrome or long COVID syndrome effectively, why because a large population is suffering from this both physically and mentally. It can be seen in almost all affected ones regardless of severity but its depth and duration are dependent on the immunity of the patient and the severity of the disease.

Post-COVID syndrome symptoms are:

• Tiredness

• Breathing difficulty especially on exertion

• Body pain

• Increased heartbeat

• Confusion

• Memory loss

• Loss of smell

• Hair loss

Why post-COVID syndromes

The coronavirus, COVID 19 affects the respiratory system. But gradually it will take the control of the whole body by affecting the immune system. In severe conditions, the major organs also get affected, and chances for death are also there. In cured population, the immune system is debilitated even after the test is negative.

Why treatment for post COVID syndrome is essential

Just the absence of the coronavirus is not capable enough to regain the immune power of the body. For that, essential elements of the body which got hampered due to COVID infection should be prescribed scientifically under the supervision of an expert. Beyond modifying and following diets and regimens which are conducive to promote general health and immunity, certain medications also become essential. In Kerala, Immune system enhancement via Ayurvedic medications already proved its efficacy in both preventive and curative aspects. In the rehabilitation period also a variety of medicines are there to improve the health of our population. The medicine is selected specifically according to the status of both are affected ones and their symptoms.

How the post-COVID syndrome affects the country

The whole world is suffering from post COVID syndrome at a different level. In short, it will affect the health of the population and thereby their productivity too. A person with post-COVID distresses cannot exhibit their talents and efficacy as they wish. Beyond physical debility, it debilitates mental health also. So, effectively addressing and its management is emergency to improve the quality of personal and professional life and through that development of our country also become a more easy one.

Post COVID treatments in Ayurveda

Intake of Ayurvedic medicines under the supervision of an Ayurvedic physician during the infectious period of COVID 19 can effectively reduce the post-COVID health issues up to a level. So, Ayurveda for post-COVID issues could be briefed as,

 In situations like tiredness, increased heart rate, fainting, blackouts, confusions, memory loss, etc, intake of specific medicines is necessary. Sometimes certain additional investigations are also needed. Generally, Drakshadi kashaya, Indhukantham kashaya, Vilwadi Gulika, Sudarsanam Gulika are advised in the initial stages according to the condition of the patient. They are aimed to improve the digestive and absorptive capacity of the gut along with immunity enhancement. In the next level, some rejuvenating medicines (Rasayana preparations) like Chyavanaprasam, Kooshmanda Rasayana, Agasthyarasayana are effective. These can restore proper lung functions.

 Breathing difficulty while doing strenuous activities like walking, climbing stairs can be managed with the help of some internal medicines and breathing exercises like Nadi Sudhipranayama. It can improve lung capacity.

 Those facing headaches should take much rest and avoid overtime works, mental strain, night awakening. In few cases, steaming with medicated water, poultice application is advised.

 Severe hair loss in people, regardless of their age, was noticed as one of the major issues during post COVID period. Intake of nutritious foods with Vit B complex, iron is very much suggested in the diet. The Rasayana preparations mentioned earlier are effective here as well.

 Following a strict diet and regimen for 1-2 months is necessary. It should include

✓ Intake of more vitamin c rich vegetables and fruits Eg: citrus varieties

✓ Adequate water intake

✓ Intake of small fish, egg, milk in a moderate amount

✓ 7-8 hours of sleep

✓ Avoid fried, spicy, bakery, and foods

✓ Avoid exertion and should take a rest as much as you can.