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Diabetes A Life Style Disorder

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic and lifestyle disease that is characterized by high levels of blood sugar.

There are 2 types :

  1. Type 1 -Insulin-dependent diabetes- is caused by a complete lack of insulin
  2. Type 2 – is a condition where the body does not produce enough insulin.

It is said to be a lifestyle disease (a disease associated with the way a person or group of people live).

 The problem of diabetes in India

             Diabetes gaining the status of a likely epidemic at a faster rate in India, with more than 60 million individuals suffering from the disease. A recent study by the international diabetes federation says that the prevalence of diabetes is estimated to double from 171 million in 2000 to 366 million by 2030.

Causes in India

  1. Genetic factors
  2. Obesity
  3. Urban migration
  4. Increase in living standard
  5. Modern-day lifestyle changes.
  6. Sedentary life
  7. Improper intake of food
  8. Dietary factors: Low intake of whole grain

                                            High intake of sugar

Ayurvedic approach on prameha

In Ayurveda diabetes is considered a lifestyle. Caraka explains prameha under santharpanotha vyadhi(Disease happening due to over nourishment)

There are 20 varieties of prameha of which 10 are of Kapha origin, 6 are of pitta origin and 4 are of Vata origin.


Diet and regimen

Old Sali rice (brown rice) cooked and mixed with soup of green gram

Cooked barley, barley porridge, barley preparations, horse gram, wheat preparations

Daily intake of yava, green gram, and gooseberry.

Frequent intake of barley water

Asana(Indian kino tree) boiled water.

Punarnava(hogweed) boiled water.

Juice of Amalaki(gooseberry) with Haridra( turmeric) powder.

Water boiled with the heartwood of khadi(catechu) and ekanayaka (Salacia).



Strenuous  exercise

Walking briskly

Wrestling sports

Walking 100 yojana






Ardha matsyendrasana



Surya namaskara