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Special medicines are catered in our own pharmacy

The Pristine Ayurveda 21days package is to relax and protect the joints. This help to give a best nature for your body. By these proper detoxification and rejuvenation helps to boost your immunity modulate the voice, sharpens the sense organs and improve the texture of your hair.

Ayurvedic diet plan ( Pathyahara)

The Pristine Ayurveda 14 days package is designed for total strengthening and stiffness removal of the bodu with proper nourishment.

Accommodation as per booking

The Pristine Ayurveda 11 days package is suggested for relief joint pain and facilities healing,improves the sensation and five vital sense.

Daily Ayurvedic Treatments.

The Pristine Ayurveda 4days package will cleans the body and it helps a recovery from stiffness and heaviness of the body